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Get a finish impossible with paint!

A vinyl wrap finish will give you a perfect, blemish free surface, in a finish that very often is not achievable with paint outside of a car factory. These finishes include, matt, satin, pearlescent, flip-colour etc. Also textured finishes like mirror chrome, brushed metal effect, carbon fibre, leather, and many more.

We also provide camouflage wraps and all the lates trends.

We carry a full line of vinyl car wrap materials from trusted manufacturers. These include 3M, Avery and Hexis with a huge range of colours and finishes.

We can combine printed and solid colours to create stunning effects for motorsport and other applications.

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Why Wrap?

There are several reasons why someone might want to change the colour of their car or vehicle. Maybe you have a favourite colour, like hot pink, that you’d like your car to be or maybe you bought a low-cost vehicle knowing you were going to change colour after purchase. Or maybe you just want a change but want a cheaper alternative to buying a new car.

Whatever your reasons, you’ve come to the right place. At Mooving Media, we are experts in our field, and our technicians all have approved training, as well as a wealth of experience.

If you want a change, but don’t have a fixed colour in mind, we offer a wide range including gloss, matt and satin finishes, carbon fibre effect and a host of textured finishes. We can also colour match to create a vinyl wrap that is unique to you. Whatever colour you want, we can supply it.

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Peugeot 406 Coupe wrapped in 3M 2080 Satin Dark Grey vinyl.
A World of Colour Awaits
There are hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from.
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