Aqueous Guard® Marine Ceramic. An Impenetrable Shell for your Yacht Surfaces

Aqueous Guard® Marine Ceramic

Aqueous Guard® is a durable, hard, ceramic clear coat, to stop chemical attack UV damage, and staining, whilst increasing gloss and depth of colour.

Using nano-technology it penetrates microscopic pores and fissures in hard surfaces to create a hydro-phobic barrier. This prevents dirt and staining particles from gaining a foothold. The surface created is so smooth on a nano scale; nothing sticks!

Perfect for hulls, waterlines, superstructures, transoms, and a whole host of other yacht surfaces.

aqueous guard marine ceramic

Innovation for Lasting Protection

When protecting vessels, there is no room for compromise. That’s why Captains, Refinishers and Management companies trust Aqueous Guard® Marine for a top performing, innovative ceramic clear coat that is designed to protect assets under the harshest of conditions, so your assets spend less time undergoing maintenance and more time out at sea.

Aqueous Guard® protects against the nemesis of power yacht owners and skippers; Diesel Sooting! Applied to the hull around exhaust outlets totally transforms your cleaning routines. Soot just washes away, leaving no sulphur stain.

Superior durability, combined with consistent premium quality results, is why Aqueous Guard® Marine is the leader for super yacht coatings.

The Science of the Coating

Aqueous Guard® Marine quickly and effectively penetrates into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities, and leaves a shiny smooth surface that is highly resilient to stains. The coating is harder than the paint it seals and improves scuff resistance from general washing.

Aqueous Guard® Marine will prevent diesel fumes from permanently staining paints & gel-coats, retaining the original high gloss and eliminating the need to polish continuously. With its hard, durable, scratch-resistant nature, Aqueous Guard® Marine retains its high gloss against washing chemicals and fenders.

Why Choose Aqueous Guard® Marine?

  • Up to two year warranty.
  • Speedier cleaning, reducing down time
  • Maintains a high gloss
  • Prevents soot and exhaust gas staining
  • Creates a harder surface, yet flexible.
  • Removes the need for frequent polishing
  • Withstands harsh chemicals
  • Cleaning can be carried out with just water and a mild soap
  • Specialist certified application partners to ensure a hassle free service from start to finish
  • Removal gel to easily remove the coating

The Service we Offer

At Mooving Marine, we do all the work from quotation, project managing, preparation and application, to handing over the Aqueous Guard® Shampoo to maintain your new high gloss finish. Whether its old or new surfaces, we have a full system that is carried out by our own trained and certified applicators for a high quality service that we pride ourselves on.

It is often asked how to maintain the surfaces of the vessel once a coating has been applied. With Aqueous Guard® Marine applied, the maintenance is very easy, simply rinse, wash and rinse again for that just coated look. With every job carried out by Mooving Marine, we will supply you a gallon of Aqueous Guard® Shampoo, that is eco-friendly, high concentration and bio-degradable. For further product that we recommend with our coatings and to maintain your warranty, contact: