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Mooving Marine is a hugely experienced Yacht Wrapping company, specialising in the transformation of yacht exteriors and interiors, using advanced self-adhesive technologies, high-tech materials and other products.

Our business has flourished in the yacht refit industry, and continues to grow through the superior knowledge of the operational requirements of this very specialised market. Working closely with brokers, owners, refit managers, yacht designers, and captains we have the skillset to offer you an incomparable level of knowledgeable support, giving you an exceptionally reliable and diligent personal service.

Whether your yacht is in need of complete interior refit using 3M ‘Di-Noc’ architectural films, or a full exterior wrap, Mooving Marine will create a transformation that will not only impress but will last and be delivered to the highest quality.

Our personnel have wide-ranging backgrounds in marine and aeronautical technologies and are factory-trained in the installation of all the products we offer.

Our services are available worldwide, with a presence in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the Middle East. Got a question? Contact Us.

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Why wrap my yacht or boat?

Quick design and makeover | Wrapping the hull of a yacht can be achieved in the fraction of the time needed to prepare a boat for paint, to refinish the hull in tradtional ways. Paint is out, vinyl is the new fast, quality way to refinish your yacht.

Attractive appearance | New fantastic colours are being released constantly. See our colour cards. Also films with special effects (e.g., carbon, pearl, brushed metal, satin, matte…) achieve visual effects that painting cannot achieve.

Saving money | The price of wrapping is significantly lower than the price of painting and indirect savings are made resulting from minimum time spent out of the water.

Adding value to your vessel | Wrapping increases the value of your vessel and makes it much more saleable if you are selling it.

Protection | Besides the aesthetic effects, the vinyl protects against UV rays and all weather conditions. It won’t bloom or go cloudy like gel-coat.

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Yacht interior wrapping using 3M D-Noc architectural vinyl, gives you the freedom to choose from over 900 finishes to transform your yacht interior spaces.

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Yacht Wrapping Benefits


The cost savings are significant. The bigger the vessel the greater the saving and usually works out at two thirds of the price of paint. Vinyl films come in a vast array of colours and finishes.

The multi-million dollar investment of the worlds best vinyl suppliers, means the advanced technology in the vinyl will protect the hull and superstructure from all the elements. It is exceptionally hard-wearing, easy to clean, durable and easy to repair if necessary. The yacht will also be protected well against the elements including damaging UV rays. Vinyl wrapping does not fade or go cloudy like paint and gel-coat.


Using films does not require the same lengthy preparation process as its paint alternative, there is no need to sand and prepare the yacht, in fact once the boat has been polished, all that is required for preparation is a liquid based surface cleaner.

Vinyl film protects and prolongs the underlying finish of the hull and superstructure from the elements.

Yacht wrapping films can be applied directly to the existing surface of composite yachts. New build stainless steel or aluminium yachts on the other hand, will need a primer coat before the new vinyl is applied but this can still provide a saving of up to seven months in the shipyard as there is no need to paint the yacht with a finishing coat at all. Plus Vinyl film has no risk of orange peel due to it being preset in a controlled environment. The production of cast PVC is more consistent and regulated guaranteeing even film coverage without the appearance of orange peel.

A Summary of Yacht Wrapping

  • Much less expensive than paint
  • High quality consistent finish product.
  • Creative freedom due to its reversible nature
  • Greatly decreased downtime out of the water
  • Unlimited customisation options
  • Easy to maintain – No polishing
  • Hides all scratches, fading, and discolouration
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Increases resale potential

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