Products to Protect Against : UV - Impact - Abrasion - Wear & Tear

Mooving Marine Yacht Protection Systems

We’ve developed and collated a range of materials to help with the protection of your yacht. These lend themselves perfectly to the problems presented by keeping vessels free from the wear and tear of normal regular use. Yachts (sail and power), superyachts, catamarans, tenders, chase boats etc. all suffer from the same problems; We can protect your yacht surfaces from:

  • The relentless, powerful UV damage caused by constant exposure to the Sun.
  • General abrasion and impact to the hull. Wear around cleats, boarding points, helms, in entertainment area’s and all exterior spaces.
  • Internal wear and tear to high traffic area’s like floors, door frames, table edges, doors and all other cabin surfaces.

We can stop all this damage in it’s tracks by utilising our range of materials, and installing them to a high level of finish and integration with it’s surroundings. We realise it not only has to protect, it has to blend in and look attractive also.

Browse some of the systems we can use for different area’s of your yacht.

3M 7071UV™

Clear Protection Film

The Technical Bit

Polyurethane UV high impact clear protect film (360 μm). Designed for areas that may suffer from heavy impact or wear and tear, such as counter top edges, table tops door frames, stairwells, and any other flat or compound surface. Internal or external. Optically clear adhesive. Perfect Use: To stop fender rub damage.

3M 3645™

Clear Protect Floor Film

The Technical Bit

Floor protection film, with an anti-slip luste finish (200 μm) Optically clear to display the beauty and grain of your floors without letting them get damaged. Designed for Heavy traffic and will last 2 years plus. UV protection is an added bonus. Use: All interior flooring.

3M 2200 Safety-Walk™

Floor Protection Film

The Technical Bit

A thick textured flooring film (200 μm) designed for areas with heavy foot traffic that require extra levels of grip. Could also be used in wet rooms and showers.

3M 8991™ Polyester Film

Impact & Abrasion Film

The Technical Bit

A durable, glossy, 100 μm thick extruded polyester, surface protection film designed to protect surfaces from scratches, gouges, impact and abrasion by forming a protective barrier. It can withstand harsh solvents and chemicals. Suitable only for flat surfaces or simple curves. Perfect for rope abrasion near cleats.

3M Ventureshield™ Yacht Paint Protection Film

3m ventureshield yacht paint protection film

Stop that new paintwork getting damaged by heavy footfall and wear and tear. Ceramic coating will not protect from this.

3M Ventureshield™ is a relatively thick (210 microns), optically clear, self adhesive urethane film. It is applied to any smooth or painted surface, to provide protection from abrasion, scratches, and the elements.

3M Ventureshield™ is unique. It’s the only marine paint protection product proven over time to work in the most aggressive environments. 3M Ventureshield™ Marine Paint Protection Film delivers a ‘better-than-new’ shine that provides total protection against impact, abrasion, UV, acid rain, oil, exhaust fumes, fuel spills, salt and other contaminants.

See some suggested application area’s below.

Why Choose Paint Protection Film?

We know that you want to keep your yacht looking its best. With 3M Ventureshield™ Marine Paint Protection Film, you can benefit from a product that exhibits the following characteristics:-

  • HIGH IMPACT protection.
  • ABRASION protection
  • FENDER ‘RUB’ protection.
  • Small docking ‘dings’ protected.
  • An impressive, ‘better-than-new’ shine that lasts and lasts.
  • OPTICALLY CLEAR and almost invisible. See the real colour through the protection.
  • Will not go cloudy.
  • Used correctly, can achieve massive savings on your repaint costs.
  • The ultimate high gloss shine from a simple wash-down – no need for polishing or waxing.
  • Restore faded paint to a better than new finish.
  • Brings out the deepest gloss on dark surfaces and provides a seriously bright shine on lighter coloured surfaces.
  • Immediate and obvious increase in pride of ownership and resale value.
  • Overall protection for your paint.
  • Applied by owners of superyachts and manufacturers the world over.
  • Technical Information PDF Brochure

Make wooden rails look like new. No varnishing, impact protection, UV proof.

3M Ventureshield™ Paint Protection Film can be applied just about anywhere. It is especially useful in high traffic area’s or where this is an abrasion risk. Keep your marine investment protected and looking like new.

Contact us to get 3M Ventureshield™ applied to your vessel today. Use the contact form or Tel: +33 9 70 40 69 08