MacGlide™ | Zephyr RYS

S/Y Zephyr - MacGlide

S/Y ZEPHYR RYS This Shipman 50 Carbon Yacht is resplendent in her new MacGlide™ film. Earlier this year, the managing skipper of Zephyr approached us with a view to getting MacGlide fouling release film applied, at the same time as she was going to be lifted for some maintenance and a survey of her keel. […]

MacGlide™ | Telefonica Black

Telefonica Black - MacGlide Antifouling Film

Telefonica Black MacGlide™ is a World class solution for a record breaking yacht This is the story of how we became involved with this World famous yacht, and how we transformed her into a sleek, green, clean sailing machine. Telefonica is a Volvo ‘Open 70’ or sometimes referred to as ‘Ocean 70’ ocean racing yacht. […]