This Shipman 50 Carbon Yacht is resplendent in her new MacGlide™ film.

Earlier this year, the managing skipper of Zephyr approached us with a view to getting MacGlide fouling release film applied, at the same time as she was going to be lifted for some maintenance and a survey of her keel.

The Skipper had certainly done his homework, and was very interested not only in the ecological benefits of MacGlide, but in the performance gains a sleek, drag reducing film could deliver.

After a few meetings with her owners, in which they all visited us whilst working on Telefonica, it quickly became apparent that everyone was ‘on board’ with the product, and that we were the guys for the job of making Zephyr faster and,…… ocean-friendly.

We look forward to getting performance data from her far reaching travels over the coming months!

S/Y Zephyr - MacGlide
Zephyr and her Crew

Built in 2005 by Shipman in Slovenia, Zephyr is thoroughly well-built but not a classic ocean racer. She is a 50 foot cruiser well suited for short-handed sailing in the Mediterranean but she’s surprisingly comfortable and quick offshore given that her hull and mast are carbon fibre.  Since her current owners bought in 2013, she’s been actively cruised and raced all over the world.

In 2014 Zephyr departed UK and by early summer 2015 she was in Newport Rhode Island, having spent the winter in the Caribbean.  From there she competed in the 3,000nm 2015 Transatlantic Race from Newport Rhode Island to the Lizard. The race started in late June and 15 days later, after a near gale, a gale and a storm, she crossed the finish line 2nd in class.  That in a race that saw 20% of the fleet retire due to largely weather-related damage.

In 2015 Zephyr competed in some Solent regattas and in 2016 she again left the UK, this time bound for California. 10,000 miles later, after a long slog up the west coast of Central America,  Zephyr arrived in Los Angeles to compete in the 2017 Transpac.  After finishing in Hawaii, she cruised through the Pacific to Sydney.

In the spring of 2018 she was shipped from Australia back to the UK.   Back in UK waters, she finished 2nd in class at Cowes Week in 2019.  In late 2020 Zephyr is again heading south to warmer waters and the plan is to winter in the Caribbean before returning to the UK early next summer.

Be sure to revisit Mooving Marine to get updates on her travels and the sailing data! Bookmark us now!


A gallery and timeline of MacGlide installation

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macglide fouling release filmmacglide fouling release film